Holiday Health Tip: Focus on Festivities

Holiday Health Tip: Focus on Festivities Instead of Food
There are a lot of foods associated with the holidays but that doesn’t mean they have to be your main focus. Throw yourself into the other rituals the holiday brings, like caroling or decorating the tree. Focus on the festivities rather than the food.
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Mothers have been warning us “not to go

Mothers have been warning us “not to go outside without our jackets” ever since we were kids. Of course any kid worth his salt has to ask “why?” and while many mothers opt for the ever popular “because I said so” some explain “that if you go out without your jacket, you’ll catch your death of cold”.

But is it true or is it just an old wives tale? Can you really catch a cold from being outside in cooler temperatures? Although there are some pretty solid arguments that being cold doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to catch a cold new evidence suggests that mom wasn’t too far off the mark.